Airbnb Is Turning Into Tinder

In the future, every website will be a dating app. Our little grandbros and grandbetches’ index fingers will be swollen from swiping right day in and day out and they’ll sit at our feet and ask us to tell them about a simpler time when there websites called “gmail” and “groupon” where people could communicate with each other or take advantage of sweet deals without anyone, at any point, trying to fuck you.

Don’t believe me? Well, we reported earlier this year about thirsty dudes using LinkedIn like its Tinder, and now Business Insider is reporting that a number of airbnb users that the surveyed have been using the hospitality not only to find a bed to sleep in but also to find someone to sleep in that bed with them.

And like, hey, I get it. Vacation is vacation. You book your hotel, your flight, your vacay mani-pedi, I guess you might as well kill two birds with one stone and also book some dick for the trip. Sounds reasonable to me.

So how did Business Insider get all this juicy info? The same way anyone gets anything these days. You swallow all your pride and read what people are saying on Reddit. I’ve never done it and probably never will do it but apparently if you wade deep enough into the freak pool you’ll find cool things like people sharing stories about all the airbnb guests they’ve boned. Business Insider even went so far as to follow up with these Redditors (gross) and one user with the handle, I shit you not, “Airbnbsex” had this to say about fucking your guests: “Definitely not the goal, but yeah I imagine it happens frequently. I kinda wish Airbnb would give us some visibility on their policy regarding it.”

Okay, so two things here, 1) if your username is “Airbnbsex” then it sounds to me like sex at your airbnb is 100% your goal, and 2) I feel like Airbnb’s policy on this is clear, even without them explicitly stating it — don’t fuck your airbnb host.

Unless they’re hot, obvs. 

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