Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Airbnb Was Flawless

As we are all very aware, Beyoncé was hands down winner of the Super Bowl. I mean #flawless has never been more accurate. Like for real, how obsessed are we with her jacket-fishnet-tights combo? And her legs, I can’t even.

But in true Beyoncé fashion, even all of that is not enough, she even had to show us that she is a queen and we are all merely peasants with the Airbnb that she stayed in Super Bowl weekend. It legit cost more for one night than you made all last year at your internship. #Slay
That infinity pool is just #goals so hard. I mean I guess you get what you pay for, if it costs Beyoncé $10,000 a night for that, you probably shouldn’t be surprised that your 100 euro a night place in Amsterdam during study abroad happened to literally be the spare room at a brothel.  


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