Should I Make a Move On My Married Coworker? Dear Betch…

Dear Betch,

I am writing to you to see what your opinion is on an issue that I have been having for about two years. About two years ago, I started working at my dream job (a law firm). As I was getting introduced around I met this man that drove me crazy (a partner at the firm, not my boss). Every time we are in a room, you can feel that there is some sexual tension in the air. We have not spoke about this, but it is enviable. During our Christmas Luncheon last year, he (after a couple drinks) kept trying to make eye contact with me, but I would just look away since EVERYONE in the firm was there and I did not want to spark rumors (we all know how fast rumors can start in an office full of women). There have been MANY times where he would say stuff direct to me with double meaning or flirt around. My question is would it be bad if I decided to make a move or even sleep with him (if the chance would come up)?

PS: He is married.


Sexually Frustrated.

Dear Ashton Kutcher (because I can only hope I’m being Punk’d right now),

Wow, he got drunk and looked at you? I can feel the chemistry from here, what a scandal we’ve got on our hands. No, you should not make a move on your coworker. Aside from the fact that HE IS MARRIED, sleeping with your coworkers is generally a bad idea. Like, you were worried about people starting rumors after seeing you two eye-fuck but somehow think it’s a good idea to regular-fuck? Okay. That’s logical. I could go on into a while spiel about how sleeping with your coworkers could risk your reputation and job, blah blah blah, but none of that is relevant since this guy is MARRIED. I’m really curious, did you  honestly write into me expecting me to be like, “You go for it, girl! This is totally a good idea”? Sexual frustration is no excuse. Need I remind you, it’s 2015 (almost 2016!); there are plenty of ways to find all the fuckable guys out there who don’t work in your office and have not vowed to spend the rest of their lives only fucking one person. Come the fuck on.

Hit me back when you’ve gotten a grip,

The Betches

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