Aeropostale Is Filing For Bankruptcy, TBT

Remember when you were in 7th grade and your mom didn’t feel like paying $90 for a sweatshirt with a logo on it so she made you go to Aeropostale instead of Abercrombie? Well, it looks like America’s youth will have to look elsewhere for their shitty $40 logo-ridden sweatshirts now. Aeropostale is filing for bankruptcy and will be shutting many stores down while they try to figure out how to trick middle schoolers into buying their shitty sweatshirts.

As we all know, those brands went out of style like literally in 8th grade, so honestly I don’t know how they have survived this long. But the brand tried to resurrect its former glory in 2014 by rebranding itself as “Aero”, targeting what they call the “flirty tomboys” of America’s suburban middle schools. But apparently even the slutty 7th graders of Nowhere USA are too smart to buy overpriced fugly sweatshirts these days.

Regardless of how ugly the clothes are, we all went through that phase for a year or two so I think we all owe poor Aeropostale a solid #TBT with a picture of you and your squad in braces and those fugly sweatshirts, and the pajamas that you can’t even pretend like you didn’t own.


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