A Betchy Interview With Adventure Club

Betches may love America, but we have a special place in our heart for Canadian bros. Drake, Justin Bieber (sometimes), Ryan Gosling, Justin Trudeau…the list goes on.

While we still haven’t met Drake yet (call me), we did get to meet up with two awesome Canadian musician bros: Christian Srigley and Leighton James, aka EDM duo Adventure Club. They played an amazing set at Bonnaroo, they’re about to release their new single “We Go On Forever,” and they said they’d let us move in with them if Trump becomes President. That last one might be a lie. But whatever. I’m putting it out into the world like in The Secret.

Anyway, we shot the shit with Adventure Club, asked them some questions, you know the deal. Read below for our interview, check out their single “Limitless,” and follow Adventure Club on Twitter @AdventureDub because they’re pretty funny. Not as funny as us, but like, who is?

1. You guys have been friends since high school, what is your secret to staying friends so long while going on tour and working together all the time? 
Brutal utmost honesty, if not we would just harbor negative emotions towards each other.
2. Do you have a pet peeve that the other person does? 
Christian: Leighton doesn’t like socks, doesn’t wear socks often. They smell horrible and I’m like really weird with smells. 

Leighton: He doesn’t like smells and I don’t like that he doesn’t like smells.

3. Going back to high school, what is the most embarrassing trend you followed?
Leighton: I was a big emo kid, I was wearing like super tight girl jeans, super tight T-shirts, the whole eyeliner thing, black nail polish—don’t tell anyone though. (Editor’s Note: Oops.) Sonny from From First to Last was my idol.

Christian: I had a strong Dippity-do phase, where your hair is really hard with gel. If you touch my hair right now, it’s soft. It’s greasy, it’s not the cleanest hair, but it’s not hard.

Leighton: We thought it was so fucking cool man.

4. You guys have performed at a lot of festivals, what is your favorite or like, maybe top 2.
Tonight it’s absolutely Bonaroo! All time favorite is Coachella.

5. Have you witnessed anything really crazy or done anything ridiculous at a festival? 
So many crazy things have been done. What can we talk about? Safe in Sound was a good one, in 2014 it was a traveling festival where we destroyed Flux Pavillion. It was like a traveling bass festival. Every night we were putting on a show, we jousted with picnic tables. Me and Christian were up against 12-13 people. These were strong, big guys, and made Leighton—he’s got strong legs, he’s like a centaur—and he looked like a rag doll. He punished him with the picnic table.

We played real life fruit ninja, we had our rider—you know, the nice little fruit platters and veggie platters we get when we’re performing—this particular platter was made up with ceramic plates and when we played fruit ninja, the plate got hit, and instead of it being a plastic plate and just kind of flying off, it just shattered. It almost severed one of Leighton’s major arteries—a lot of blood. 

But we’ve calmed down a little bit.

6. So I kind of stalked you guys pretty far back on Twitter and you tweeted awhile ago that you hate hashtag spam?
Yeah, yeah there are a lot of hashtags, I don’t hate Twitter hashtags, not as much as Instagram hashtags, like I realized there are a lot of benefits to having hashtags, but I hate like “#bananas.” Like there’s no relevance and it just doesn’t make any sense. Like there’s really just no point.

7. What other social media habit do you hate? 
This more pertains to Facebook: On Facebook, where people post about their lives constantly on a day-to-day basis on Facebook without actually getting up and doing something about it. Like using Facebook as a digital punching bag. That whole movement doesn’t do anything for me. 

8. I noticed lot of people write on social media that they really like to have sex to your music. 
Christian: I’ve heard that…I personally haven’t ever done that.

Leighton: I haven’t either—I think that would be weird. I think it almost happened once, but then I shut it down real quick.

9. What music would you pick?
Christian: The Weeknd, House of Balloons. I mean I like the new Weeknd but I think House of Balloons is more appropriate.

Leighton: It depends on my mood sometimes. When I’m feeling super good I’ll go like the Jeremih area and then like when I’m feeling real crazy it’ll be like Every Time I Die.

10. So speaking of music, what were some of your favorite albums that were released this year? 
It wasn’t this year but Worlds by Porter Robinson, anything San Holo has put out… Can’t really keep track of them all, the new Drake, the new Jeremih…

11. If you guys could bring back one musician who died this year, or in general, who would you pick?
Kurt Kobain. Bring back all the 27’s.

12. Ending it on a very random note, have you guys ever “Netflix and chilled” and if so what is your Netflix and chill movie?
Groundhog Day. I fucking love that movie.

13. I have to ask, why Groundhog Day
If I actually do want to watch a movie then it’s Groundhog Day. I would watch that movie every single day. Like, I’m not chilling. I’m just watching my fucking movie. Netflix and then re-Netflix and then you go home.


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