Ads Are Headed To Snapchat

Terrible new: Ads are coming to Snapchat. This might be the worst thing to happen since Eva Mendes became Ryan Gosling's baby mama. I don't need to watch a commercial for Demi Lovato's new music video on Vevo everytime I want to post a drunken selfie to My Story. Serious question though, how do you even put ads into Snapchat? I get how they could do it on websites in my pre ad-blocker days, but this isn't BuzzFeed, this is Snapchat. My only thought is that companies can sponsor stories that you can choose to watch. That wouldn't be so bad. I mean we basically already have that. Except it's basic bitches advertising that they do in fact have friends and drink alcohol. Regardless, as long as this doesn't interfere with my drunk Snapchatting I don't really give a shit.




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