Adele Throws T Swift Major Shade In Rolling Stone Interview

While the rest of us have been out here, drinking PSLs and instagramming our dog’s Halloween costumes, Adele has been busy pretending she’s 25 (I mean who isn’t?) and causally dissing “the squad.” Finally, someone brave enough to stand up to the Swift.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Adele was asked if she had thought about “teaming up with Swift. And she just threw down this truth bomb as a reply, “It’s not as interesting as some of the other squads that are around right now. But maybe Rihanna can be in my squad!”

My only thought is, what needs to happen to get a pilot of this Adele/RiRi squad on E!? First episode, “Someone Doesn’t Like You.” Reality gods, make this happen, KUWTK is getting a bit slow.


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