Adele Is Officially Cooler Than Taylor Swift

Not that anyone really thought Taylor Swift was cool, but in the battle against streaming music, Adele was right up there with our favorite nicegirl and a bunch of other rule-following celebrities who are trying to ruin all our fun and max out our credit cards. Turns out, she realized withholding her sweet tunes from streaming services wasn’t worth it because Adele just released her latest album, 25, on every streaming site that anyone could possibly use (including TIDAL and I’m pretty sure no one uses that—just ask Kendall Jenner).

According to Chip Chick, a website I’ve never heard of but one that seems to have the scoop anyway, sales of the album finally slowed enough that Adele was like “what the fuck mate?” and finally gave the masses what they wanted. “At the time, Adele was one of a growing number of artists voicing concern over streaming services due to low revenue and the tendency of streaming listeners to listen to music as songs instead of the entire album…But, seven months on, it looks like sales have slowed down enough for Adele and company to get in on those streaming revenues.”

Basically Adele sold billions of albums, went platinum a million times over, made a shit ton of money, and then decided to show everyone how ~generous~ she really is. Pretty sure it’s not selfless if you force everyone to pay for your album first but, like, whatever.


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