Adele’s Bodyguard Is Hot AF

In the past month, Adele has proven without a doubt that she still runs the world, but she wasn’t satisfied with crazy album sales. To rub in how perfect she is, she felt the need to hire a super hot bodyguard. Mission accomplished. Her bodyguard, Peter Van der Veen, has bone structure for days and basically looks like a much more dangerous version of Karev from Grey’s Anatomy.

Along with having an amazing name, Van der Veen used to be Lady Gaga’s bodyguard before jumping ship to Miss Adele. Tbh we can’t blame him, because being Lady Gaga’s bodyguard sounds fucking exhausting. Like, wtf do you do when you show up to work one day and your boss is like “I’m just going to ride around in an egg today.” Nope.

We obvi wouldn’t want any harm to come to Adele, but we wouldn’t mind if someone tried something, just so we could see Bodyguard Pete beat someone up. In a perfect world, these two will have their own reality show within the month. Does anyone know someone at Bravo?


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