Adele’s New Song Has Made Us Feel Feelings

So Adele casually dropped a single Friday after being MIA for the past four years.

In ‘Hello’ Adele remembers an ex from her past, and essentially asks to catch up in the most dramatic way ever.

The song itself starts slow then builds up to a chorus that makes you want to give up on life because you’ll never be as talented as she is. I’m sure some musician could dissect exactly why the song is so catchy, like musically, and it probably is the same reason ‘Someone Like You’ was so catchy. I’d rather discuss her boss music video where she essentially shows up in the middle of an overgrown farm with a wind-blown blowout, fur, and her perfect cat eye like ‘Hello.’

She has flashbacks to a relationship that starts good and ends with a rainy goodbye. The two never meet modern day but that’s fine because they constantly communicate with flip phones like it’s 1997. That’s not true I’m pretty sure the phones are used to illustrate how they can’t get in touch. Whatever.

The internet is also abuzz with Adele’s apparent weight loss. She looks a lot skinnier than she did when we last saw her in 2011, especially since she had a child in her time off. Way to go Adele. ‘Hello’ is a precursor to her full-length album ’25’ will be released on November 20th, just in time to cry through the holidays. 



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