Adele Forgot The Lyrics To Her Own Song

I have to admit, I’m pretty forgetful. I leave my iced coffee on the hood of my car on the way to work, I wonder where my sunglasses are when they’re on top of my head, and I look for my phone when it’s in my left hand. I’m a normal human. You know who’s not a normal human? Adele. She’s a fucking superhuman with an insane voice and a desirable accent, but even she forgets things. Only this time she forgot the lyrics to her own song, totally trumping the time you forgot to turn your flat iron off. reports, “Here’s how it seems to have went down, according to a brief Twitter video capturing the funny moment: Adele’s halfway through a line of one of her own songs when she realizes she has no idea what’s to come next. She slides from the melody straight into: ‘Shit, wrong words. Shit, shit, shit. Should I sing the right words? Sorry.”

Celebrities—they’re just like us. Except poss worse because we aren’t getting paid thousands of dollars to drink iced coffee and keep track of our cell phones. It’s okay, Adele, we still love you.


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