Adele Is Casually a Huge Drake Fangirl

For the first time ever, Adele made me cry tears of happiness instead of loneliness, desperation, and heartbreak. She is a total Drake fangirl. Stop everything, because this collaboration would be the softest song the music industry has ever heard. An Adele-Drake duet would be the official break-up song for the next century – kind of like how a J Cole-Weeknd duet would become the ultimate sex-playlist anthem.

Let’s examine the evidence: In an interview she said, “I love Drake so much.” I’ve never heard that sentence without the word “meme” right after Drake – “OMG did you see the Hotline Bling Wii tennis video?? I love Drake memes so much.” She bought his red bomber jacket from the Hotline Bling music video, which tbh was not a bad call, especially if she’s planning a themed party. And she really wants to do a remix of Hotline Bling, and by remix she means a cover.

As much as I want to hear Adele sing to me about her own broken-heart, it’d be even more incredible to hear her sing to me about Drake’s broken-heart. Someone start a GoFundMe to pay for the studio time.


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