Adele Crushes All Our Dreams, Refuses To Perform At The Superbowl

Adele might get her card declined at H&M and forget her lyrics from time to time, but this betch doesn’t mess around when it comes to doing what she wants. We all know she’s not one to sugarcoat things, so when the topic of performing at the Super Bowl came up, she was quick to say she wasn’t down

It's Not Fair

After killing it at the Grammy’s this year and having just wrapped up an eight-night concert in LA, rumors have been circulating that Adele would perform at next year’s Super Bowl. “First of all, I’m not doing the Super Bowl,” she said, claiming, “that show is not about music.” She also said, “I can’t dance or anything like that. They were very kind, they did ask me, but I said no.”

Honestly, we’re kinda pissed she said no so fast, but I mean, we respect her bluntness about it. She probably doesn’t have time for American shit like football, so we can’t blame her for being candid AF.

Adele middle finger


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