WHY??? Adam Levine Goes Bald

How could such a beautiful creature make such a terrible mistake? In the age of man-buns (which may or may not make you bald anyway) and long, flowing manes, Adam Levine has shaved the entirety of his head.

In doing so, he’s not only added like 20 years to his appearance, but he now also resembles some post-apocalypse alien.

The worst part? He did it for “no logical reason.” He just claims he wanted to do something crazy. Hey Adam…why can’t you go Scott Disick crazy like a normal celeb and NOT ruin your gorgeous head?

Adam has mentioned talks of a new reality show in the works, where he will host a slew of celebrities and film them showing up at people’s major life events. That’s cool and all, but can I get the full-head-of-hair Adam to show up at my engagement party?

Until the hair grows back my fantasies have forever been ruined. 




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