Adam Levine And Andy Samberg Dropped The Ultimate Humble Brag Anthem

On a daily basis, I have to remind myself of what a big deal I am. Part of being a betch is sharing your incredibly awesome life with the peasants who surround you, it’s basically like a second job.

We humble brag at the most convenient times (always), especially when people don’t ask. How’s life? It’s fucking fantastic because I’m amazing. Humble bragging is all about the causal delivery, a necessary evil of being a betch, and now there’s a theme song for it.

Hottie Adam Levine has teamed up with the anti-hotties of The Lonely Island to create the masterpiece that is “I’m So Humble.” Let’s break it down.

Bar none, I am the most humble-est

Of course you are.

Number one at the top of the humble list

​Fucking duh. ​​

My apple crumble is by far the most crumble-est

​Weird, but okay. ​

But I act like it tastes bad outta humbleness​

​The song continues: ​

​It’s not a competition, but I’m winnin’
You won’t hear me admit it
Because I’m so timid and submissive
I treat fat people like they were thin
Talk simple for the dumbos
I’m so humble​

This satirical tune beautifully illustrates everything it means to be a betch. ​Clearly Andy Samberg & Co. should consider a rebranding of The Lonely Island (The Betchy Island, hellooo). 

​Listen now.



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