Taylor Swift’s BFF Tried To Come For North West And Missed

Whenever two major celebrities have drama on social media, there are always people who try to jump in just to get attention for themselves. Therefore, in this week’s saga of Kim K dragging Taylor Swift, it was only a matter of time before the few friends Taylor has left started rushing to her defense.

This came in the form of Abigail Anderson, Taylor’s lifelong BFF whose hair also looks like an Irish dance wig. Eager to play up Taylor as the victim in all of this, Abigail sent some tweets in the form of literal prayers. Specifically, praying that North West would know that she’s not a bitch just because her daddy uses that word, and that mommy and daddy aren’t cheating on each other just because it sounds like it in daddy’s music. She also prays for God to forgive Kim and Kanye “for doing to others the very things you pray are NEVER done to your daughter.” She finished the come to Jesus moment with a quick #BlessIt, because Jesus!!!

Okay. Where do we even start? Basically, this girl is our fucking worst nightmare, who just happens to be 2% famous because she met Taylor Swift when she was 15. She’s probably one of those girls who “feels full” after two glasses of wine and doesn’t use Tinder because “you never know who he actually is!” Basically, she’s a Jesus freak nicegirl who unfortunately found her way onto Twitter.

Her first mistake came in assuming that Kim and Kanye give two shits about God. Okay, like they might believe in God, but we’re pretty sure North West isn’t being raised to pray for forgiveness every night before she goes to sleep. Kanye literally has a song called “I Am a God,” so he’s probably fine on his own. Either way, they’re probably much more focused on praying for money and success than North not knowing what the “B”  word is.

Her biggest mistake, however, was mentioning North at all. Like, it’s understandable that you’re mad at Kim for ripping your famous friend a new asshole, but North has nothing to do with this whole fucking thing. That’s like praying for Chris Harrison every time someone does something dumb on The Bachelorette. He’s fucking fine. Not to mention, even if you basically consider no topic off-limits—this is Betches, after all—I think we can all agree that a grown-ass woman (debatable, I guess) coming for a fucking toddler, especially when she’s insinuating all kinds of things about said toddler’s future love/sex life, is just all kinds of gross. This is a CHILD we’re talking about. Have some fucking dignity.

All of Abigails tweets/prayers have since been deleted, since apparently she started getting death threats. K so obviously anyone who’s tweeting death threats is psycho, but at least we don’t have to read her garbage on our feed anymore. We can’t wait until like, Taylor’s youth pastor or something chimes in on all this drama, because it’s sure to make us vom in our mouth.


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