Abby Lee Miller From Dance Moms Sued For Being A Bitch

Dance Moms, our favorite child abuse show, just got real as fuck. Abby Lee Miller, the Gordon Ramsay of competitive childrens' dance, is being sued by a former student and cast member of Dance Moms, Paige Hyland. Paige has accused Abby of being a scum sucking road whore that physically and emotionally abusing her. Abby Lee Miller is like the wanna-be betch who goes too far and actually assaults a 9 year old for not pointing her toes. I'm not saying Paige is lying, but her mother Kelly used to be BFF with Abby and now they hate each other. Kelly basically sold her daughter's childhood for a couple thousand dollars so who's the real abuser here? The whole thing just smells like a war between attention whores.




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