Aaron Carter Is All Grown Up… Into A Psychopath

Remember when Aaron Carter was a cute little kid who just happened to be a super famous singer? Well, he grew up to be a dick, which is sadly not at all surprising. Aaron has been trying to build his music career back up, but now he’s hit a roadblock in the form of…a pissed off web designer. K.

Basically, this guy John Cantu made and maintained Aaron’s whole website, and understandably assumed he would be paid. While there probably should have been some sort of contract happening, John probably just thought it would sort itself out. Stupid, stupid John.

When it was time for Aaron to pay up, he told John that he had been an unpaid intern this whole time. (Sounds like every summer during college?) John was basically like fuck that, and is suing Aaron for a casual $50,000. The best part though is that Aaron’s website has mysteriously just stopped working. Well…it’s not that mysterious. John Cantu has claimed responsibility for killing the site, and even posted a link to his Twitter page for a hot second before taking the site down.

If you’re wondering about Aaron’s response to all this, we honestly couldn’t have asked for anything more. On Sunday, he tweeted a Gandhi quote about greed, adding “I rest my case.”

Jfc this guy is a psycho.


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