A Strongly Worded Letter To People Who Fake Instagram Locations

Dear Chelsea Handler wannabes,

Your attempt to be funny failed with your lame AF caption, so stop trying to make it happen with a fake geo tag. We see right through your little act of not having the wit and humor to come up with a clever caption so you’re trying to compensate with tagging the location as something equally as lame.

It’s clear that you’re in the same bar you go to every night. Or the same frat you go to every night. Betches hate branching out, but at least try to maintain an aura of intrigue by varying the walls you pose in front of. If you’re really trying to be creative with your made up location it’s the least you can do.

When people misuse social media (see 120 second Snapchat stories, recaps of your day via 20 Tweets, etc.) it just doesn’t make sense because unless you’re like 90 you clearly know how to use this shit. You’ve been doing it since 7th grade when your parents finally bought a pink Razr and you ran over your data plan within the first week. You really should know the location function really only needs to be used if you’re partying somewhere cool like Ibiza and not the fucking bar down the street from your apartment.

It’s really getting annoying and just not funny when we’re sitting in class and seeking some stress/boredom relief we choose to scroll through Insta and are forced to see your sad attempts at humor in the form of fake geo tags.  Master the art of choosing a filter that doesn't make you look like a carrot (when will you people learn Kelvin is not ok???) before trying your hand at standup comedy.


A betch tired of people trying to be funny on social media


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