A Strongly Worded Letter To People Who Complain About Mondays

Dear aggressive social media users,

You know who you are. Always posting on social media about how “omggggg it’s Monday again this sucks killlllll me,” maybe tweeting about how you need coffee before anyone talks to you, and constantly discussing how you NEED it to be the weekend already. We effing get it. This is not news that Mondays are less than desirable but we don’t need to hear about it every week. You never even say anything different week to week so I really don’t feel any obligation to stand here and listen to you bitch about it.

If your life sucks enough that you can’t stand one day out of the week and that it just seems like absolute hell then you have to figure out why that is. I’m not interested in your distaste for waking up in the morning and actually having to do something with your hair, which by the way, doesn’t even look good. And if you can’t stand the idea of getting dressed in your work clothes or putting on something more than sweatpants for class I really feel no sympathy for you.

Mondays literally have nothing terrible about them besides the fact that they happen to be the day after the weekend, and honestly if there is any time of the week which is the worst I say that it’s Sunday nights. But even then no one cares. I’m not saying you can’t sit at your desk with a hardcore RBF on because I do that no matter what day it is. Just stop posting about it on any social media site you can download on to your iphone 6.

The only time I care about what day it is is when it has a cute alliteration related to a reason to drink on that specific day. And the only time I care about that is when we make plans together based on it.

What I find equally brain-numbingly obnoxious is when people bitch about people who bitch about Mondays in a Facebook status where they state their mood as positive. This letter is a v v v important statement to those people are well. 

End note: Don’t complain about something you can’t change that everyone has to deal with. It’s not cute, funny, endearing, relatable, or anything. It is just a waste of what few brain cells you have while you try and think of a slightly different way to post your entry level emotions. Get over it and get over yourself.

Sincerely, A betch who could not care less


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