A Roundup of Shit We Found on the Internet

This week the news has been slow as shit unless you count news about the President's inauguration and like, we all know that shit's a snoozefest. To make your day a little less shitty here's some slightly better than dec shit we found on the internet this week.

  • Check out the old cast members from Saved by the Bell. In a really fucking surprising twist of events, Mario Lopez is the most famous of the bunch. Unless you count that show that Zach Morris stars on that no one watches. 
  • This week, the Onion speculates what Malia's lunchbox would look like after her mom packed it while hungover after the inauguration. This shit looks pretty good.
  • In case you were wondering about the reason Michelle Obama rolled her eyes at John Boehner (Side note: Who?) here's the reason and it involves cigs.
  • Following Lance Armstrong unshocking confession that he doped up for the Tour de France (What? Like it's hard?) here's a list of 12 more people who Oprah have gotten to stroll down memory lane to reveal their icky secrets.



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