A Roundup of Shit We Found on the Internet

Even though we were taught to share with others at a young age, the only thing betches would ever actually consider sharing are their clothes after they've worn them once, and meals with the garbage. But we're feeling a little generous today, in the respect that we're bored as shit and we imagine you are too. So, we've decided to share some shit we've found on the internet with you on a more regular basis. Let me say share one more time. Share.

  • We betches all had the privilege of watching Miss Norbury host the Golden Globes the other night, but where was Principal Duvall? Getting carpal tunnel surgery? Who the fuck knows, but we bet you're wondering now. Here's where all the bros from Mean Girls ended up…hint: not very far. >>
  • While we're on the topic of Mean Girls, just in case you've never seen this site, you should.
  • Here's a page on “celebrity facemath” aka if you combine celebrities' faces, what other celebrity does that equal? Math, easy as 1-2-3. >>

  • Here's a new fun invention, an alcohol vaporizer! Instead of taking shots you just inhale the alcohol. The idea sounds cool but then you're like, wait this is kind of like…crack. I mean it's a great way to conserve cals but any activity that involves asking your bestie to “pass the pipe” may not be something you want to get yourself into.  See it here.

  • If you're a Hunger Games fiend, you'll want to see these pictures. We never read the second book, we're waiting for the movie, so if you're looking for a relevant Catching Fire reference here, look elsewhere. 
  • The best quotes from Toddlers and Tiaras. Speaks for itself. >>

  • If you think your boyfriend might propose soon and you're looking for some ringspiration (ring inspiration, duh), or if you just have an unhealthy curiosity about celeb weddings. Pick your fav celebrity engagement ring here
  • These were your moms in the 80s, legiterally. >>

  • If you're aware of the Lance Armstrong scandal, you'll agree it's actually highly scandalous in that it involved a lot of talking shit and an elaborate drug ring. But more importantly, it involved speaking in a lot of abbrevs. We present to you: Lance Armstrong's secret drug ring code.


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