A Roundup of Shit We Found on the Internet

Even though we were taught to share with others at a young age, the only thing betches would ever actually consider sharing are their clothes after they've worn them once, and meals with the garbage. But we're feeling a little generous today, in the respect that we're bored as shit and we imagine you are too. So, we've decided to share some shit we've found on the internet with you. Let me say share one more time. Share.

  • 23 Drunkest Things on the internet. You get to the plane and you're like that's funny… then you get to the bread. >>
  • Rihanna has been on a roll with her Instagram lately, it's definitely worth checking out. Here are some recent highlights. She was feeling super sensitive when postingthis one. Then she gets creative with the caption here. Then she sends this message to her teenage fans. Then you have this, which speaks for itself.
  • I don't watch late night TV because I'm usually busy living my life, but watching clips of the shit that happens on Kimmel the next day during class or work is a great and productive way to spend the day. Here's a great vid of celebs reading mean tweets about themselves.
  • So the daily schedule of this fucked up author dude, Hunter Thompson, who wrote Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (the book not the movie) was posted on cracked.com. His life seems extremely fucking casual, especially at 10pm. If you're going to read anything from this post, read this
  • Voluntarily taking quizzes is for over achievers and nicegirls with lots of cats. But seeing as this quiz is about Clueless, we'll let it slide. If you get anything less than all of them correct, you can probably still sit with us, because we don't really give a shit. >>
  • I don't understand why anyone would really take the time to put this together, or think about Taylor Swift more than the three minutes it takes to sing along to I Knew You Were Trouble, but they did it. Here's a summary of Tay's love life. In other news, when I type “Taylor Swift” in google, the next word that pops up is “slut.” 
  • The Golden Globes are on Sunday and Tina and Amy have created a drinking game that is kind of fucking lame. I mean, we can come up with something better than this, like take a shot every time an winning actress's arm flab starts flopping about during her acceptance speech. Drinking game aside, we're pretty excited for these two bitches to host. Ugh, god love ya. >>
  • Three words: The Middle Part>>


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