A Radio Host Asked Selena Gomez To Rate Her Own Hotness

It’s 2015, but some people still haven’t learned that feminism became a thing decades ago. Selena Gomez was being interviewed for a radio show, and the host asked her to rate her own hotness on a scale of 1-10. The problem with this is that Selena Gomez is a betch. We all know how hot we are, but we can’t go around saying how hot we know we are. We can act humble because everyone else will see our hotness. So like a true betch, Selena said she’s a 9 when she has her hair and makeup done, but a 6 or 7 on a normal day.

This interviewer is dumber than Kylie Jenner, but Selena gave a smart fucking answer. Obviously we all know Selena is way hotter than a 6, but she can’t say that she looks like a 9 when she rolls out of bed, because everyone would hate her. Instead, she acknowledges that she’s attractive, but she gives some of the credit to the people that do her hair. Sorry hairstylists, but you’re not the ones making Selena Gomez look good. God did that when he gave her those eyes. So let’s stop asking sexist questions, but let’s also applaud Selena Gomez for using her betchiest instincts.


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