A Note On #StrikeOutALS

If you’ve been on Facebook in the last week you’ve probably seen an entire newsfeed of people pouring ice water on their head to #StrikeOutALS. Bring on the backlash but this is annoying.

First off, don’t pretend like this is a close personal issue to you if you hadn't heard of it until some friend tagged you in a post. I don't think anyone should be patting themselves on the back for orchestrating a 15 second philanthropic Facebook video with no charitable outcome besides hoping someone else sees it and donates or participates in the challenge. Is that the new giving back? Donating a Facebook post because someone tagged you in their Facebook post? 

I get that it's for a good cause, but there are other things you can do besides “spread the word” like donate money or God forbid….actually volunteer. All these people are smugly pouring water on their heads and nominating their friends without even mentioning anything about the disease. Like, is that helpful? It doesn’t suddenly cure the disease and it doesn’t even spread awareness besides the fact that there is a disease called ALS and people are pouring water on their head instead of doing anything about it.

Matt Lauer accepted the challenge and then donated to the Hospice of Palm Beach which actually doesn’t have anything to do with ALS. He challenged Martha Stewart who poured water on her head and didn’t mention the disease either. Do any of these people even know what ALS is an abbreviation for? 

Call me cynical but I feel like a more productive alternative would be either spreading the word about ALS by actually donating your money or like, going to fucking medical school.


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