A Note On Gingers

To the betches who are hot and ginger you are seriously a rare breed. Accomplishing this difficult task really doesn't happen often, so when a betch is ginger and attractive bros are all over that shit within the first five minutes she walks into a bar. Bros love conquering something new so they can’t get enough of this small percentile of the human race.

As a ginger betch, you probably talk about your hair color the majority of the time because for some reason people just can’t get over the fact that you have a hair color that’s also a primary color. We understand the appeal, but we also can’t imagine how fucking frustrating it must be making small talk with socially inept people about your hair color. As a hot ginger betch, you totally have the right to walk away from these awkward losers who clearly need some conversation pointers.

Being besties with a ginger also has its perks. She always looks good next to you in Instagram pics because you balance each other out. Since she’s ginger, she’s probably really unique and shit so she has a fresh perspective on life and really cool clothes you can steal when she’s not looking. Basically, if you have a red-haired bestie just get used to preceding all your stories about her with “my ginger friend Maggie…”

Overall, gingers are either a hit or a miss. You can’t be just “kinda” hot if you’re a ginger. Either you’re ugly AF and probably one of those girls whose hair can be spotted 10 miles away (it’s THAT red) or you’re the hottest thing since the iPhone 6 release.

While ginger betches don’t always have it easy (so much shit clashes with the color red, ugh) the struggles you face definitely are worth the exotic vibe you possess if you’re hot. However, if this rare hair color doesn’t work for you, you need to make a hair appointment stat because nothing is more embarrassing (and awks to look at) than a fire engine red head with no clue how to work her coloring.

Hot ginger betches, keep doing you. Bros will probably come up with flirty nicknames for you like “Red” (so creative!) and be instantly infatuated by your striking hair. If any of them tries to ask you if the carpet matches the drapes, though, you strut your hot ging ass away from them because a gem like you is hard to find in this bland world of blondes and brunettes.


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