A Lizzie McGuire Reunion Happened At A Bowling Alley

A picture surfaced on Jake Thomas (Matt McGuire)’s instagram of him, Hilary, and Lalaine at a bowling alley.  Of course the 90’s kids of the internet got a reunion boner, but this weekend Lalaine explained to The Huffington Post the real story behind the reunion.

According to Lalaine, she just happened to be bowling one day and heard Hilary a few lanes down.  So naturally she texted Jake to get over there and they sent Hilary a drink without revealing themselves.  Long story short, she realized it was them and they took that photo. They chalked it up to fate, though the part about Lalaine texting Jake to come over right away sounded a little like cheating fate. Regardless, we're glad it happened.

Our favorite part of the interview however, is when Lalaine says “I like to bowl. I have my own ball that my dude got me during Christmas, so we’re pretty into it.”  A very casual non-title to describe your boyfriend (or fiancé? Or husband? We don’t know her relay status tbh) as “my dude.” Supes casual but also gets the point across. Chill points.


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