Why Sports Commentator Jessica Mendoza is a Boss Betch

Usually we only pay attention to sports when it gets bros to buy us drinks, but this week we’ll make an exception.

This week, Jessica Mendoza became the first woman in history to commentate a nationally televised playoff baseball game. This might sound weird because it’s not the 1940s anymore, but it’s sadly true. Jessica called the game between the Houston Astros and the New York Yankees, and she probably did a great job (we didn’t watch lol). Jessica is an Olympic Gold Medalist in softball, which sounds pretty damn impressive to us.

While Jessica was busy being a flawless Betch, the sexist idiots showed up right on time. There were some pretty hilarious criticisms all over Twitter, and the best came from Mike Bell, who works for a radio show in Atlanta: “yes tell us Tits McGhee when you’re up there hitting the softball you see a lot of 95 mile an hour cutters?” We don’t know a lot about technical sports terms, but we’re pretty sure “Tits McGhee” knows more about baseball than you, sir. Moral of the story: Jessica Mendoza can stay, and everybody else doesn’t matter.


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