WTF Is Twitter Moments?

You may have recently noticed that Twitter added a new tab to its app that looks like a lightning bolt. According to the Twitter blog, this new tab is called moments. Uh wait what? Isn’t a moment just another name for a tweet?

The function of this remains unclear beyond finding a new way to advertise to us, but it’s supposed to be a way for you to get an inside look on Twitter conversations between important people and things.  So if your Twitter feed was your group chat, then Twitter moments is like all the rest of your contacts that are just there. Aka, if you’re not following them you’re probably not interested.

If you want to read the full story, you can swipe right, because Tinder culture is now the only way we can consume anything. In the future you’ll be able to swipe left to ignore a call probably. Apple, get on that.

As of now, Twitter moments looks like your mom trying to use Twitter… well-intentioned but really has no need to be there. But whatever, it’s like having the option to get salad instead of fries… you know you can but why would you? Until Moments becomes more like fries, we’re not really interested.   


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