Betchy Athlete of the Week: Simone Biles

For the past week, the best gymnasts in the world have battled it out at the World Championships in Scotland, and Team USA basically slayed it. The US won a total of ten medals, and both the men and women’s teams qualified directly to the Olympics next year in Rio. The gymnast who had the best week was Simone Biles, a young Betch from Texas.

Simone won four gold medals and a bronze, meaning she medaled in five of a possible six events. If this sounds super impressive (which it is), consider the fact that she also won four gold medals last year, meaning she successfully defended every single title. She also now has more Worlds gold medals than any woman in history (10), and more Worlds medals than any other US woman (14). She’s the first woman to ever win three World all around titles in a row, and she’s only 18.

One of the best moments of Worlds was after the team qualification, when Team USA had their most mistakes of the whole championships (they still qualified in first place). In an interview, Simone said that the whole team had been training too much and needed a mental break. Most athletes would get in big trouble for criticizing their coaches like this, but instead Team USA got the next day off to go sight-seeing.

Simone also still has an profile that she uses regularly, which is kind of hilarious and pathetic because half the questions are just asking if she’s a virgin (the answer is yes lol) or if she would date randos.

Basically, Simone is a fucking beast. Come next summer, you won’t be able to turn on the tv without hearing her name, and unless she breaks her neck or something, she’s going to need a new trophy case after the Olympics.


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