Shia LaBeouf Just Watched Himself for 72 Hours Straight, Same TBH

Shia LaBeouf just watched himself for 72 hours straight in a movie marathon at New York’s Angelika Film Center.

Anyone that had five hours to wait in line could attend for free, and the audience viewed everything from The Even Stevens Movies to all the other worse things he was in. This is apparently being called experimental performance art, which means I must be a pretty good artist. I’ve been staring at myself for most of the last two decades.

Seriously, between getting ready, taking selfies and reflective windows, I have spend the vast majority of my waking moments graced by my own face. I didn’t even think to set up a live feed, or recognize how creative and progressive my behavior is. I view my own Snapchat story exponentially more times than I would ever view anyone else’s, and my favorite conversations happen when the other person is wearing shiny sunglasses. I’m so fucking avant garde.

Props to you Shia, for bringing this moving performance to audiences worldwide and helping me realize my talent. If anyone would like to watch me scroll through pictures of myself on my phone for 24 hours a day, I will be at MOMA for the next six months. 


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