The Last Things To Do Before It’s Too Cold Out

As much as betches hate deadlines, we can’t help but notice the temperature dropping, which means that soon it’ll be too cold out to do some of our favorite things. We’ve already accepted the fact that we can’t wear denim cutoffs and lilac nail polish all year-round, but some of our favorite activities are just harder for us to give up. By the end of winter, we’re not sure if you’ll be more horrified by the amount of Netflix shows you watched or how you’ve somehow become paler than Emma Stone. So, here are some last activities to get in before the dark times of winter approach.

Rooftop Bar

The only thing classier than outdoor dining is outdoor drinking. We’ve spent all summer on chic decks and cool rooftops, and it’s not too late to have a few more outdoor happy hours. It’s still pretty light out after work, and nothing sounds more appealing than putting on your best leather jacket and enjoying a pumpkin cranberry martini at a high altitude. If you have a fear of heights, you can pregame beforehand. Staying grounded is so three months from now. Why be down to earth when you can get drunk on top of a 60-story building?

Outdoorsy Weekend

You may have woken up with a broken toe and a pounding headache, but it’s Sunday: get out. You have all winter to snuggle with your laptop and a bottle of Advil Liqui-Gel capsules, so now is the time to make the most of your Sundays. Whether you’re going apple picking, hiking, or jogging in the park, you’ll want to appreciate it before your most exciting weekend plan is seeing the new Amy Poehler movie. Plus, landscape backgrounds are super flattering for Instagram purposes. Nothing says “I’m athletic and outdoorsy” like a photo of you picking pumpkins in a North Face vest.

Iced Coffee

From the age of sixteen, we’ve been coming into school everyday straight from the Starbucks drive-through, sporting our favorite accessories: our BMW keys and a venti iced coffee. Iced coffee runs in our blood. However, it’s hard to slurp down a cold brew when we can barely even send a text without getting frostbite. As much as we’d love to drink our iced coffee all year round, not even a splash of skim milk and a packet of Splenda can make that enjoyable. Order your last iced drinks now before the inevitable tongue-burn from hot coffee.


Festival season is coming to an end, so its time to make the most of it. If you’re into music, go see some local artist perform outdoors and try to mouth a few words. It’s time to take out that braided hairband you bought for Coachella and smoke weed while pretending you care about Indie music. If concerts aren’t your thing, go to an outdoor food festival and get a good Insta, you know, to support the vendors. Does this Ramen burger make me look fat or is it just the angle?


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