Kylie Jenner Bitches Out A Paparazzi on Snapchat

Kylie Jenner was like “I can’t” this weekend with a paparazzi outside her car, and she snapchatted the photographer’s face while saying “No woman should be a paparazzi. This woman is such a bitch.”




I mean, yeah, paparazzi are probably the worst, but they’re also the reason the Kardashians are relevant at all. Everyone got mad or whatever, because of the whole “no woman” thing, but tbh she was probably just confused why any woman would want a job behind the camera – like huh? Didn’t know that was possible?

Maybe what she should have said was “Nobody should be a paparazzi” but then she would have no career.  So instead she said something borderline sexist and everyone got mad.  But, is anyone really surprised when the Kardashians act like bad people? I mean, you’re delusional if you expect them to be. The bitch comment was probs not that well-advised, but eh we’re kind of over it already. 


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