Kanye and Kimmel in an Aggressive Rap Feud

So we caught up with the Kanye vs Jimmy Kimmel drama and it's actually amazing. But that's not surprising because anything involving a Kanye twitter rant defending Kanye the Great and Powerful is always entertaining. Here's what happened: 

Kanye did a really long interview with BBC in which he discussed how amazing he is and like, his phone calls to Fendi about leather jogging pants. Here is Part 1: 

You can see Parts 2,3 and 4 HERE

Obviously, Jimmy Kimmel had something to say about it, but in the only way Jimmy Kimmel knows how to say anything…via small children: 


This clearly set a fire in Kanye's ass: 

And this was my favorite part… 

To which Sarah responded: 

Then Kanye got creative:

Jimmy couldn't just let this go, I mean he COMPARED HIM TO SPONGEBOB. That was way harsh Tai. 

So Jimmy responded by reading the tweets on his show. 


We're still waiting to hear from Kanye, but we're assuming he's busy fighting off the ninjas jumping over his fences. 


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