Betchy Instagram Model Decides to Leave Social Media

Essena O’Neill, a betchy 18 year old instagram model, has decided that social media sucks and that she’s over it (even though she’s like, really pretty and agrees).

Apparently she woke up last week and was all like, “I so don’t care whether or not Valencia or Rise makes me look tanner, you fucking peasants. I’m out.” But not before spilling the detox tea (#notsponsored) regarding her instagram model life. 

Until like last week, O’Neill’s insta was full of your typical “my life is better than yours/I weigh less than you did as an eleven year old” pics, and honestly it looked like she was living the epitome of a betchy lifestyle. That is until she decided that taking 1,000 “candid” pictures of her at the beach was actually not as fun as just like, being at the beach. Go fucking figure. So she posted a video explaining that it’s all a bunch of BS, changed her captions, and then just straight up quit. As in, deleted everything. 

I guess “having it all” — as in “having a thigh gap” — on social media doesn’t mean anything IRL, and blah, blah, blah that’s great. Just don’t pass this news on to the Kardashians. Unless you’re trying to get us all killed.


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