76. Hating Guys Who Give You Their Number

So you're at this bar and you met this guy you've been talking to for like, 25 whole minutes. He buys you a few drinks and suddenly your friends are ready to leave. You tell him it was nice to meet him and thanks for the vodka sodas. But before he lets you slip away, he drops the bomb.

“You should take my number, we should meet up sometime.”

Red. Fucking. Flag.

If a guy offers you his number without taking yours, the only thing you should even consider doing with that would be a fun prank call with your besties. This is how you show him how much betches love to make the first move.

dawson's creek

Who does he think you are? A fucking nice girl who would actively pursue a guy? If I'm gonna wait two hours just to open your text message, what makes you think that I would ever spend the time unlocking my iPhone to call you?

We're all about the feminist movement, but fucking please. What? Is he expecting you to text him and ask him out? Unless Prince Harry is giving you his number you're not falling for that shit.

The bro's end goal is obviously to have sex with you. Why would you be the one to do the work involved in expediting this process? When you call him first you're a hop, skip, and a jump away from paying for his dinner and doing his fucking laundry. Not betchy.

A guy's job is to impress you, but giving you his number and not taking yours is him giving you an opportunity to impress him. VOM. This is big for #70 delusional daters, who might take this as a sign that he's in love with her. Sorry, if a guy is interested in you he will make sure he has your number.

Truth: Wake the fuck up. He gave you his number so that he could choose to ignore you if he wants.

Same goes for business cards. That's code for “I'm a douchebag with a job.” The only seven digits you're interested in taking from this conversation is an estimate of his income.

If you respond to this move, that means you're texting him first. This means you start off losing, which is a pretty bad sign for the rest of the game. This isn't the Special fucking Olympics, there's no reason to start any game when you're at a disadvantage.

It's easy for any cheeseball loser to go around handing out his number like it's a fucking Obama sticker in Times Square, but this just means that this asshole is afraid of rejection. A guy who gives you his number and doesn't take yours means he lacks confidence, therefore he's not a SAB and you also wouldn't want to date him, so basically he's good for nothing.


phonenumberThe only time a guy's name should be on a napkin is his bar mitzvah


Anyone who a betch would date would definitely not have a fear of rejection.

Disclaimer: This is not a go-ahead to become a phone number slut to pre-empt this problem. Your number should only be given if you're into the guy and he's earned it through impressive #47 pick-up lines or getting you fucked up enough that the only thing you can remember is your number.

If a guy only gives you his number he's not that fucking into you. A betch is the ultimate prize and her attention is not something that comes easily. Would you hand a mink a knife and tell it you'll be back for your fur coat tomorrow?



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