The GOP Debate Intro Was So Awkward It Can’t Be Real

In a scene straight out the Mean Girls talent show, the GOP candidates just couldn’t get their intros down during the debate last week. When you watch this shit it looks straight up planned, like the news is trolling the audience for even taking these guys seriously. 

The easiest part of a debate should be walking on stage. Even the Miss Universe contestants can walk and tbh all sound smarter than half the GOP candidates. Shouldn’t Trump know this, considering he ran the pageant for years?

When the announcer calls Ben Carson he doesn’t hear it, and stands awkwardly in the back of the stage until Ted Cruz comes out and runs past him. STILL while names are being called, Carson lingers on camera like a confused child.

Maybe in solidarity or maybe just to make sure he gets as much screen time as Carson, Trump also decides not to walk out to his podium, though it looks like he knows that’s what they want him to do.

Whatever this whole thing is, it’s awkward and uncomfortable to watch. 


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