DJ Khaled Tried To Give Beauty Advice Via Snapchat

Breaking news: DJ Khaled is still fucking weird. If you’re not following his snapchat, then you’re missing out on shirtless selfies, pics at the barbershop, spelling errors, and humble brags about being a DJ. So basically, every bro’s Tinder bio, but with a fun, mentally challenged twist!

This past week, however, DJ Khaled took it to an extreme level and tried to give beauty advice to his followers, and it was like woah buddy, this just got personal. Where is your manager? Who handles your social? Why is this all such a goddamn shit show? 

Among the advice given were gems such as “The key to more success is using the right soap. I only use Dove soap. Trust me.”  Which I’m pretty sure is a direct quote from Steve Jobs, but whatever. 

Tbh the only helpful suggestion he gave during this devastating/fascinating sequence of snaps was to drink coconut water, but everyone with a brain and an affinity for vodka has already discovered that, so DJ Khaled, you lose. Lose, lose, lose no matter what.


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