Sandra Bullock’s New Boyfriend Seems Like Bad News

Sandra Bullock aka the world’s greatest human is officially off the market. Recently she’s been spotted out and about with live-in boyfriend Bryan Randall. So who is this guy stealing the only 50+ woman I’d go gay for? Besides ballsy, he’s apparently a ‘model/photographer,’ aka unemployed. Supposedly he is a bad boy with a kid, much like her former husband Jesse James. Red flag.

Randall’s last relationship was with a 23 year old woman, even though he’s in his late forties. The two started dating 3 years ago, when she was still using a fake and he was still in his fucking forties. So that’s sketchy. He’s been arrested a few times and has been accused of being a bad parent just because he left his kid and the heroin addicted woman who he got pregnant. WHAT!? He had to go to rehab! Then leave! Cool, Bryan.

What else? He blue steels like all the time and it’s a little disturbing. BUT he’s pretty fucking attractive and maybe he’s grown up since his bad boy days. Who knows. So here’s what you need to know: He IS age appropriate for Sandy. He IS hot AF. He MAY be a fuckwad.  It’s too soon to tell, but it’s not too soon to tell him that if he hurts Sandra he will be run out of this country then off this earth. 


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