Bill Murray’s Holiday Special Was Really Something

What do you get when you put Bill Murray, Miley Cyrus, and Maya Rudolph together? A very interesting holiday special.

To tolerate this Netflix original, you have to enjoy Bill Murray and all of his existential weirdness. Basically if you’re not a hipster, I wouldn’t recommend. The show was what you would expect a holiday special to be – musical performances and holiday-themed skits, but with a weird hipster appeal. I mean, Michael Cera. The premise is that Murray is to host a holiday special at The Carlyle, but no one shows up. Bill scrambles to get a few decent acts together to impress the Hollywood agent type that Cera plays, later referring to the show as a “Christ-mess.”

Murray Christmas was directed by Sophia Coppola (who totally gets Bill Murray, they worked together on Lost In Translation). IDK what she was trying to prove by combining artsy camera angles and Bill Murrays quirk vibes, but it didn’t really do much for me, or the critics, for that matter. Variety columnist Maureen Ryan freaking loathed it, stating “‘A Very Murray Christmas’ is a slender diversion meant to be nibbled while wrapping presents or sampling eggnog — or, perhaps, drinking something stronger.” Tell em, homegirl.

The talent was definitely there. On paper, a holiday special that features comedy greats like Amy Pohler and Chris Rock, and a guest appearance from the looker that is George Clooney, should be really good. Meh.

Not sure this “special” will put you in the holiday spirit, but it’ll give you something to debate with your Bill Murray idolizing friends.



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