Betches’ Guide to November’s Netflix and Chill

It’s the beginning of a new month, which means Netflix, HBO, and iTunes are putting out a new batch of TV and movie releases. Most people would be surprised by how up to date we are on TV and movies considering our packed party calendar and active social media standing. Like yeah, it’s pretty impressive that we hardcore celebrated Halloween four nights in a row without missing an episode of “Scandal” or “How to Get Away with Murder.”

Betches aren’t known to be those lazy people who sit in front of a screen all day, but occasionally, we just want a night to lay in bed with a bottle of Merlot, binge-watching stupid movies while pretending to be pissed the pregame was cancelled. Whether you’re bored of watching seasons 1-5 of Friends, or you’re just looking for some new material to watch this weekend, here are a few of the new movies being released online this month.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Maybe you’re the girl who read the books twice and are thoroughly disappointed with the movie’s interpretation of Christian. Or maybe you never even saw the movie because you had better things to do last Valentine’s Day. Either way, every betch should be pretty excited about this movie being released online. It’s obviously not your typical chick flick, and yes we’re confused by the ending too, but this movie is such a go-to when you just can’t bring yourself to rent Wolf of Wall Street one more time. (HBO Now: Nov 21st)


Dior and I

This movie is a documentary, so we recommend it for a betch who is a little more chic and educated. Basically, if your yearbook quote is from Bridesmaids, this movie probably isn’t for you. However, whether you know everything about designer Raf Simmons or just own a pair of this season’s Dior sunglasses, you’ll love this movie. It takes you inside the couture world of the Christian Dior fashion house and shows you what the company is like off the runway. The fashion is so hot and the pressure is so intense, you’ll forget this is even real life. (Netflix: Nov 14)


Yes, it’s an oldie that you’ve probably seen five times, but there’s a reason Queen Bey won like a thousand awards for this movie. We’ve never actually seen a betch who has extended her prime as much as Beyoncé has, and you’ll just worship her so much more after rewatching it. If you’re having a girl’s night in, definitely watch this classic. But be warned, if you sing along to the Listen lyrics or show up in a Kale sweatshirt, I’m gonna have to ask you to leave. (HBO Now: Nov 1st)

We are Your Friends

This movie is the Zac Efron film that got picked last in gym class. It came out in the middle of summer and didn’t look that good, so everyone just took a hard pass. But, it might be worth a revisit. Zac Efron obviously looks great, and there’s even some solid music when the plot doesn’t hold up as much. Plus, watching DJ’s party while you’re at home in your fuzzy socks might make you feel less fomo while you’re friends are out Instagramming at 1Oak.  (iTunes movies: Nov 10th)


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