The Best Celeb Halloween Costumes (To Date)

Okay so like, Halloween is Saturday. Every year, betches the world over celebrate Halloween by dressing up like a slutty version of someone or something (unless your Cady Heron, in which you treat Halloween as a time to be hilariously ironic). Last year, celebs pretty much killed the Halloween game by being their awesome, betchy selves.

Lauren Conrad and co. were classy AF party animals. Way to have some self respect, LC.

Lea Michele was a super-slutty Little Red Riding Hood (something Hester/Chanel#6 may want to consider wearing in 2015 if she’s going to get into Chad’s pants).

Kim dressed up like a skeleton, her contouring on point as per usual. Impressive job making a suit of bones look good.


Miley Cyrus was a weed-green alien without a bra on, which is made cooler by the fact that you can see her ribs AND she’s flipping us off.


Baby North was a skunk, accessorized with perfectly manicured tufts of fur and a look that could kill.


Former hottie Adam Levine was a sexy Rambo back in 2010. RIP to his gorgeous head of hair.


T-Swift was a “pegacorn,” cause you know, that’s like really cool and alternative.


Oh, and Katy Perry was a fucking Cheeto.

Overall, you can see the clear winners and losers of Halloween-costuming in 2014 and beyond. Can’t wait to see what these celebs do this year!


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