Betches of the Week: Rosie (and Sophia Grace)

Apparently these days everyone can't get enough of the adorable mini-betches Sophia Grace and Rosie, we only know this because we too have clocked some well-managed time watching their narcissistically endearing videos. This celeb duo was discovered on YouTube by America's favorite funny lesbian DeGeneres and imported from England to randomly be her proteges, of all things. Honestly we're really happy we're not 5 years old because we'd probably be jumping on the train, embarrassing ourselves for life, while trying to get noticed by like, Chris Harrison or Hugh Hefner.


sophia grace and rosie


Thanks to Sophia's advanced rap abilities and Rosie's talents for standing next to her while twirling around and mouthing the wrong words, all these two did to achieve world fame was film a watered down Minaj song. And now they're Ellen regulars who get to attend casual red carpets and dress in tutus while occasionally performing songs written by other betches of the week….and all before getting their inevitable Disney contracts and 8-balls at age 11.

We love them as a pair, but we're so over Rosie always being #2 just because she never speaks. Hasn't anyone ever heard that wisdom bomb Confucius dropped, a fool speaks and a wise betch listens? Whatevs we don't care, the point is betches, we're not talking about Sophia Grace and Rosie, right now it's all about ROSIE and Sophia Grace.

Rosie is a true betch because she's the queen of #36 not doing work. When she speaks the sentences often make little to no sense. However when she isn't zoning out, she's able to drop these gemly one liners. Like, when asked about her favorite thing about America, she said it's when she swims under water with goggles, and finds a seashell….in her friends swimming pool.

Sophia Grace on the other hand never shuts up about herself. There was a blue carpet, and I really wished it was a pink carpet, and there were all these people who were like, we want to take pictures with you! And it was so BRILLIANT! We already already met Katy Perry TWO TIMES and met Rihanna TWO TIMES!! And the Kardashians, they came up to US, and they picked US up for the pict-cha!!!! We like this about her.

Russell Brand: What is going on in your mind right this second? Sophia Grace: PINK!!!!

sophia grace and rosieSpotted

Now that we think about it, these two are your classic Blair/Serena dynamic (personality wise). You have the brunette who's obsessed with herself and is constantly scheming while her prettier blonde friend zones out and like, chills professionally.


Regardless of what they say or don't say, these girls have it made. They've already managed to brand themselves not only with their look but with their sayings as well. Even if they've just declared something ridiculous, they simply follow it up with an, “IT'S SO GOOD!!” and the audience bursts into laughter. I meannnn, slap that on with an English accent and you're on your way to the golden gates of Hollywood. After all, everyone needs a tagline, even rapping/mute five-year-old girls.