Betch of the Week: Kristen Wiig

This week's betch of the week may not necessarily be a betch in all senses of the word, but she's undoubtedly one of our idols. She's skinz, pretty, and PAINFULLY funny. No like, it really really hurts when we watch anything she does, whether it's an SNL skit or when she's ready to party with the best of them and she's going down to the river, our cores are definitely getting a workout. So who is she? She's mean, she's lean, she's from upstate New York, she's Kristen Wiig.

Most people who don't watch Saturday Night Liive, which is liike most people in general, fiirst fell in love wiith Kwiig in Knocked Up. I mean, whose dream job ISN'T it to tell Katheriine Heiigl that she needs to lose a few pounds.

Sure she's a college drop out, but the best of them are. And yeah, whatever, she's awkward as fuck, but if she weren't none of us would have ever met Sue, the bitch who's always so surprised, or Junice Merrell, our favorite deformed songstress, or Gilly, the most dangerous yet surprisingly apologetic school giirl.

But now that her last days of SNL have sadly come and gone, we're hoping she's going to come out with some more serious gems liike Bridesmaids. We hear she's writing something with the same comedian who co-wrote Bridesmaids, aka her plane buddy. I heard about a woman who went to the bathroom on a plane…she got sucked into the toilet…sucked right in. Seriously, thanks to the Kwiigster and her plane scene, our lives will never be the same agaiin. Now Mean Girls and Clueless have another bestie to chill with in our quote reserve!

So Kristen, here's to you, betch of the week. You may no longer be on SNL, and you may not be hooksin' it with Jon Hamm, but you'll always be Mrs. Iglesias to us.

Who's your fav Kwiig character? Kris Jenner? Kat? Judy Grimes? Penelope? Paula Deen? Tan Mom?


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