GYST: We Took An Adobe Illustrator Class

Here at Betches, we have a love/hate relationship with GYSTing. As in, Getting (Y)our Shit Together. While Sundays are typically reserved for such endeavors like food shopping, working out, and eating kale at brunch, we decided that GYST isn't only about nutrition and shit, but it could also be about learning something new. So we decided to take Adobe Illustrator classes to learn the graphic design basics. And it was pretty fun.

Of course nothing about the idea of sitting in two full-day intensive workshop classes sounds fun. However, at the end we learned some super cool shit that we'll definitely use for social media, Shop Betches, and many other aspects of our business.

So we went to Course Horse, chose the classes that seemed right to us (there's a lot to choose from), and went. Obvi.

The classes were super intimate and the instructors looked like total computer nerds, which meant we were in the right place.

We asked the instructors a lot of stupid questions like, How do I open Illustrator? and Do you also think that the internet is just a fad? and we didn't even get kicked out!!

They were really helpful and repeated the steps plenty of times when we demanded.

“AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN!!!” – The Betches

By the end of taking Illustrator Classes Parts I and II, we are fucking masterminds at Illustrator. Want me to draw you a circle? Fuck it. I'll make you a sphere.

Because of the vast amount of classes available online, you could really improve any skill that might help get a promotion and add a skill to your resume. Sure wearing really cute outfits helps during interviews but “Fucking Amazing at Photoshop” goes a bit further.

So, if you also want to GYST and take a class you totally should. Make sure to go and get a 10% off discount using the code Betches10. 


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