ABC Family is TTH, Changing Its Name to Freeform

ABC Family announced this week that they’ll be rebranding themselves for the upcoming television season. Having brought us classics such as Greek and PLL, the Disney-owned cable network is now attempting to ditch the “family” portion of their title in favor of something sexier that appeals to younger audiences. Ironically, they’ve chosen a great name for a maternity bra instead: Freeform.

Freeform will launch in January 2016, with much of the same programming that you either watched (PLL) or didn’t (The Fosters). With the name change the brand hopes to attract more of the 14-34 age demographic that they’ve newly termed “Becomers.” Since I’m pretty sure this is also the name of a Twilight cult, you should never, ever use this term to describe yourself.

The name Freeform was chosen based on its performance in focus groups out of 3,000 other contenders. That’s a fuck ton of options, which leads me to believe that they’re TTH on this desperate name change, and should spend more time coming up with enough dramatic plot twists for me to survive winter this year. 


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