90’s Fashions Are Making A Comeback

Whether they were your pre-teen heydays or your rebellious teenage years, we all miss the 90’s.

Queue up some MMMBop because the 90’s are still around. You can be a power girl in a 90’s world, but also be culturally and fashionably relevant with these 90’s fashions making a comeback in 2016. 

​90’s Mom Jeans = 2016 High Waisted Jeans

High waisted jeans paired with crop tops are so basic, but there are tasteful ways you can wear the formerly frowned upon mom jean. Tuck a form-fitting top into high waisted pants for a super-slimming look, or pair them with a loose fitting t-shirt and chunky cardigan for that IDGAF look.

90’s Neon Hair = 2016 Pastel Hair

While we don’t recommend participation in the pastel hair trend

It’s much better than the 90’s neon look only Gwen Stefani could pull off. If you wanna stick out or punish your parents for not loving you enough, pastel hair is the way to go in 2016. 

90’s Vamp Lipstick = 2016 Happy Pill 

Everyone and their mother wore the Vamp shade, whether it was lipstick or nailpolish or one of those weird scrunchy shirts that looked too small but could fit even your fattest friend. Dark lips are in, and you can still buy the Vamp shade, but why would you want to when Happy Pill exists?

90’s Top Knot = 2016 Messy Bun

Ugh, top knots – the messy bun at it’s earliest stages. A top knot took a lot of effort to make look right, but a messy bun requires no effort at all. In fact, the less effort you put in, the better you look.


90’s Nude Lips = 2016 Matte Lips

In the 90’s, betches wanted to look polished without looking too done up. Thus, the nude lip was born. It was a way for betches to wear lipstick without looking like they were wearing lipstick. AKA effortless. In 2016, we still want to look gorge naturally (regardless of how long the beauty routine takes). Our solution? The matte lip. You can find matte lipsticks in all kinds of shades, but the nudes still seem to reign supreme in the effortless realm. 


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