The 9 Biggest Takeaways From Hamilton-Gate

We had big plans for this weekend, but everything pretty much got hijacked after VP-elect Mike Pence went to see Hamilton on Broadway Friday night. The cast delivered a special message to him after the show, and it’s pretty much all anyone has talked about since. We’re not going to rehash the entire story because we’re not your babysitter, but here are the most important takeaways:

1. Trump and Pence apparently don’t talk to each other, like ever. In a Fox News interview, Pence was gracious when talking about Hamilton, saying he loved the show and that their message to him was heard and appreciated. Donald’s response didn’t quite match.


2. Donald Trump seriously needs his Twitter taken away. Instead of spending the weekend on important things like, say, picking a cabinet doesn’t love the KKK, our future president used most of his energy to tweet bullshit insults at the cast of Hamilton. Maturity!!!

3. Hamilton is “overrated.” Oh yeah, it’s usually the overrated shows that you literally can’t get a ticket to for two years. We’re pretty sure Trump hasn’t seen Hamilton, because everyone who has won’t fucking shut up about how amazing it is. Sorry, beefhead, majority rules.

4. Twitter is still awesome sometimes. Someone started #NameAPenceMusical, and the responses are truly incredible. People came up with clever ones on a wide range of topics, from his terrifying record on women’s rights, to his terrifying record on LGBT rights, to his terrifying record on immigration. What a party!

5. Lin Manuel Miranda is taking over the world. The writer/composer/former star of Hamilton has totally blown up in the last year, and this free publicity definitely can’t be hurting. We’re pretty sure he can handle some erratic late night Trump tweets.

6. Did we mention that someone should take away Trump’s Twitter account?

Shut It Down

7. Mike Pence seems rational, until you remember his views. But hey, if he’s going to set us back 50 years, at least he can act polite while stabbing us in the back.

8. Donald Trump is also still butthurt at SNL. Seriously, get a life. Oh wait, you already have one, and it’s called being leader of the fucking free world. We hate everything.

9. 2016 is truly the weirdest fucking year.

Can this be over


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