5 Things That MUST be on Your Holiday Wish List

The holidays are upon us and you all know what that means, holiday gift guides! But who cares about what to get other people, betches are mostly concerned with what other people should be getting them, duh. We did a bit of online shopping research and made a list of some things that you could TOTALLY ask your parents for and not feel like you're wasting a gift (you all totally know what we mean). 

THE Sunglasses

I FUCKING DIE FOR THESE. Sorry but it's true. 

 Dior 'So Real' Sunglasses

THE Bootie

Any time I saw someone wearing these shoes I could NOT stop staring. So I bought them. Be the girl people stare at. Or at least have the shoes they stare at.

Chloé Suzana Studded Bootie

THE Graphic Tee

Every time we put these out they sell out in one day. LITERALLY (and we mean literally, literally). 

Shop Betches Kicking Ass & Forgetting Names

THE Backpack

It's pretty badass that Phillip Lim was like oh people like my bag, let me just add another strap and make it into a backpack and it actually worked. 


3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Backpack

THE Choker

Loving chokers these days, especially because I don't have to do much to put them on and off. Yes I just said that and yes you've thought it. This one is chic, spotted on Rosie Huntington and We Wore What. 

Jules Smith Americana Choker

Sponsored by NO ONE. We genuinely like this shit. 


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