7th Heaven Dad Being Accused Of Molestation

My adolescent self is going through some serious trust issues right now. Yesterday it was revealed that Stephen Collins, who was famous for being being a father and pastor on the show 7th Heaven, molested at least 3 underage girls in the past decade.

Apparently Collins admitted to this in couples therapy with his wife in like 2012, who btw was totally secretly filming it. His wife, according to Collins' lawyer, then used it to blackmail Collins into giving her a couple million more than she deserved in the divorce settlement. Clearly, this wife read Gone Girl in 2012 and took a few notes. Obviously, the blackmail angle went a bit astray so the wife moved to plan B: TMZ, the worlds biggest shit talker.

In the tape, Collins goes into specific detail, which is just fucking nasty thinking about. What's even grosser is how long he worked with young girls while filming the show. Like, should Beverly Mitchell go to therapy?

A bunch of TV networks who played reruns of 7th Heaven pulled them from their lineup. I didn't even know reruns from the 90's were still a thing, so whatever. He also got pulled from the upcoming movie “Ted 2,” so Seth MacFarlene must be gearing up to write a joke about that pretty soon. 




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